5G Devices

5G Devices

5G base station system components manufacturing

A complete 5G base station system consists of BBU, RRU, and antenna. We can make the supporting structural components and RRU shell of the 5G base station, as well as the shell of the 5G router and the metal bracket and shell of the antenna. We work very closely with our clients’ design and procurement teams throughout each project to ensure we deliver quality components according to a schedule they can count on. We also follow our streamlined production process to make sure the right people are in place from receiving orders to delivery.

We have extremely experienced design and manufacturing teams and complete range of equipment including the 3-axis & 4-axis & 5-axis CNC machines,Punch machines, injection molding machines... etc, and numerous material supply chains, which are sufficient to deal with any 5G components whether plastic or metal, complex or simple. Our mastery over industry-recognized materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, exotic alloys, and high-temperature plastics makes us the rising star in 5G components manufacturing. We can source all materials from your approved vendor or from our subcontractors, who are capable of providing actual material  certifications. We manufacture relatively standard parts as well as parts having complex geometry that is widely considered difficult to produce

The 5G base station system components we manufacturered

5G Device (2)

Quarter-turn spring latches

5G Device (3)

Position control hinges

5G Device (4)

Bridge handles injection part

5G Device (1)

IP67 sealing silicone grommets

5G Device (8)

steel steel stamping clamps

5G Device (7)

Snap-in arrowhead mount

5G Device (6)

Fan filter sets

5G Device (5)

Radiator enclosure aluminum parts

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