Industrial Components

We work closely with your teams to ensure you receive the industrial parts and prototypes you need on your schedule.

RCT MFG has worked in the industrial market for over 20 years. During this time, we have manufactured thousands of different industrial products, gaining experience that helped us evolve from a small supplier of prototype to a full custom turnkey manufacturer.

Whether you are looking for a single component or a full turnkey product ready for deployment, we can work with you every step of the way from design to prototyping to production.

We are able to quickly and accurately produce parts for machines and mechanisms from various metal alloys and plastics of any brand. These parts are ready for any industrial application immediately after delivery.

Industrial Product Examples:

VR housing for industrial training

Water filtration control panels for cruise ships

Membrane switches & graphic panels for power distribution

automation equipment components connectors Industrial machine housing

Product show

Industrial Components (3)

Nylon plastic injection parts for industrial Industry 

Industrial Components (4)

Plastic tube for medical equipment

Industrial Components (2)

Aluminum radiator for automatic machines

Industrial Components (1)

Aluminum machining electronic housing

Industrial Components (5)

Brass Machinery parts for Machinery equipment

Industrial Components (6)

Precision steel parts Automation equipment

Industrial Components (7)

Clear Anodized Motor cover parts for Laser equipment

Industrial Components (8)

Double injection molding Hydraulic Giant housing

Industrial Components (9)

Brass laser cutting machine bracket part

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