Precision biodegradable PLA Bioplastic Injection Molding

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Hat’s PLA Injection Molding?

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a type of natural polymer and hygroscopic thermoplastic that is easy to absorb water from the atmosphere and is widely used in biodegradable plastic made of natural resources like corn starch. As a material that can be naturally broken down and constantly renewed, PLA is ideal to be used for PLA injection molding, extrusion, film, 3D printing, and almost all processes involved in the manufacture of thermoplastic components. Different industries can use PLA plastics to make PLA molded parts for many different applications.

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Benefits of Our PLA Plastic Injection Molding Service

– Long lifetime and healthy to use

– Multiple treatments based on your requirements

– The shortest possible delivery time

– Custom PLA plastic injection molding service

– 100% according to your design, customized the material accoring to your requirements.

– One-stop service from quotation, order, mold design, mold fabrication, T1 sample delivery, low volume to high-volume production.

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Application of our PLA plastic injection molding parts

● Packaging
● Phone cases
● Electronic cigarette industry
● Medical industry
● Healthcare industry
● Consumer products
● Sanitary products,
● Communication products
● Toy products
● Cosmetics products

Our PLA Plastic Molds

Our PLA Plastic Molds/Moulds & PLA Molded Parts showcase

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RCT mold is your reliable PLA injection molding manufacturer and supplier, offering customized solutions for you can custom your ideal mold designs, sizes, and other specifications. Our PLA injection molding has a unique injection pressure base on your product type and thickness. Whether you need PLA injection molding to support your business and project, RCT mold is the best place to come. RCT Mold will be your trusted PLA injection molding manufacturer and supplier to boom your business For inquiries about RCT Mold  PLA injection molding, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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